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Get a Basic Reset™ with life changing products and a referral program that lets you get them free. THAT'S RIGHT... FREE!
Basic Reset™ was launched by Fred and Kim Kaufman in the spring of 2015. Their product line is the result of over 45 years of research into the connection between health and nutrition. After selling products to the network marketing industry for over 15 years, they wanted to start a company based on ethics rather than merely profits. Their vision is to have a company full of customers getting life-changing products for FREE!

Watch this ground breaking video: Are we diseased or deficient?

Fred and Kim are dedicated to supplying quality products at affordable prices. Through "Basic Reset™", they are expanding their product line and offering a unique opportunity. Fred says, "We're just people helping people. This is not just about us, it's about you! Come join us by first letting us help you, then get paid for referring customers to discover "Basic Reset™" too! Everyone wants to feel great and look great! "Basic Reset™" makes it easy for anyone to succeed!"


Whether your motivation to succeed is to spend more time with your family, travel the world, or simply live a longer, healthier life, you can achieve them all and more by giving yourself a "Basic Reset".


Energy FX

Bentley's Miracle

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Amazing Roses

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I decided to change the negative habits I had in food choices and life-style, but I had help daily to stay strong in my decision, by using several Basic Reset products. I took Vibrant Energy Drink, AquaLyte (new pH-FX formula) , and Ionyte, and lost approximately 80 pounds in 10 months. I believe the products helped me eliminate cravings, burn fat, and keep focused. You can achieve this yourself if you stop kidding the person looking back at you in the mirror. Try Basic Reset products, they really helped me, and keep this thought in your mind always, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”.

-Jim Ricoy Sr., Lowell, Ma.

WOW! Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my….LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE! Simply giving my body what it was starving for….water with minerals. Remaining consistent day after day with something so simple as drinking water….structured water….with Ionyte and Aqualyte (new pH-FX formula). So, drinking the water, along with taking the Bee Gold (bee pollen granules) has really transformed my body! As you can see in pictures, the Miracle Facelift Masque transformed my face. And, let’s not forget the VIBRANT that gave me more energy, and helped me just feel better every day, plus gave me the edge that I needed to control bad eating habits. And last but not least, Basic Reset’s newly released... TrimUP weight management capsules. Just since Dec. 19th until today, Dec. 29th….I have lost an additional 7 lbs. and 2 inches.

Consistency is the Key, and I have been faithful to be consistent with drinking the water and taking the other Basic Reset products every day! And the really awesome part, is the products didn’t cost me anything. They were all paid for with the commissions I earned sharing these amazing products with others. Please take a moment to watch Fred Kaufman’s video, and then simply ask yourself, “Am I Diseased or Deficient?” My proof is in my photos….I was obviously deficient. Deficient in getting the right amount of the right kind of water with minerals, and other natural elements. So, it’s a New Year….would you like to have a new healthier you? If your answer is YES, then try Basic Reset!

-Kelly Gordon, Del Rio, Texas

I have suffered for 22 years with inflammation and pain. It was very difficult for me to walk. I couldn't feel my legs from the knee down or my feet. In less than 30 minutes of drinking only about 8 ounces of water with Aqualyte (new pH-FX formula) and Ionyte, I could feel the shoes on my feet, and the wind blowing on my legs! I stood up and walked without first having to steady myself, and to everyone's amazement I wasn't strangely kicking out my left leg! Usually, I can only sing a few songs before sitting down, but the very next day, I rehearsed and performed for 4 hours on my feet! Another major improvement is my balance. After, only 3 weeks, I could dance a little, and could perform without holding onto the microphone stand or sitting on a stool; my doctor even lowered my medication. After 4 months my neurologist declared, for the first time ever, that I was in remission! WOW! This stuff is working well for me! Thank you Kim and Fred, for sharing these life-changing products with me!! My mom is having great results also!! She and I are very excited!! All glory to God!!
-Laura Dodd, Nashville, Tn.

"My car radiator had overheated. When I tried opening the radiator cap, it slipped past the safety release and hot steam shot up into my face. I grabbed a nearby garden hose and sprayed my face with cold water to ease the pain of the burn. Then I thought of the Ionyte and ran into the house and splashed Ionyte all over my face and eyes. When I went to the doctor, the prognosis was not good. My face and eye area were so severely burned and swollen that the doctor said I would need a long period of healing (up to a year) before I would be able to have skin grafting and bleaching to the skin on my face."

Burns after 1 week of applying Ionyte (Significant Improvement)

"2 weeks after the accident!"

"Everyday I continued to put Ionyte on my face. I then remembered to take a picture, one week after the accident. (above left) The second picture (above right) was taken just two weeks after the burns occurred!"
-Harold K. from London, ON

Ionyte™ is a powerful "electrolyte" of 70 ionic minerals and organic plant complexes. Organic plant complexes contain the basic "building blocks" that plants use to create the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. These complexes would have been in our fruits and vegetables had they been grown in mineral rich soil. Since most of our food is grown in mineral deficient soils, our food is deficient in these complexes as well. These "building blocks" are also used by our cells for their various processes.

Adding Ionyte to your drinking water helps to make up for what's missing in our food. It is also treated with a proprietary "energizing" process to further enhance its benefits. Some have referred to it as "liquid acupuncture". It can help boost your energy levels without the side effects of caffeinated drinks. Ionyte actually makes water "wetter", and therefore more hydrating, by changing the molecular structure of the water. Ionyte is designed to work best in water, but can be added to any liquid. It can also be used topically.


pH-FX™ is a proprietary formula created through a complex process and is almost entirely made of water. The result of this process is a structured water concentrate that contains trace amounts of minerals which is then enhanced with natural energy. The most abundant element in pH-FX is tetravalent carbon . . . tetravalent meaning four atoms combined. You should be aware that carbon is at the foundation of all life on our planet.

Typical water restructuring involves breaking up clusters of H2O molecules into smaller clusters, usually half-size clusters of about 7 to 8. With pH-FX the clusters are taken apart one by one into single molecules. These molecules are then attached to each other in a structure that would resemble a train. Each water molecule is attached to another, then another in a long string of molecules. This means they enter the cells one at a time, which is the smallest possible way, leading to maximum hydration. Plus, this increase in hydration allows the cells to get rid of all the "junk" and toxins they have been storing.


Bee Gold bee pollen is often referred to as nature's most complete food. It is nature's true "superfood". There are many elements that your body needs every day and no one food contains them all . . . except bee pollen! It contains all the essential nutrients of life. Nutritional deficiencies are quite common today and bee pollen has all the nutrients that are needed for survival, except water. It contains more protein by weight than eggs, beef, or cheese. Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, complete proteins, free form amino acids, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, and co-enzymes. Some researchers believe that bee pollen provides a better source of vitamins than any other single food.

Bee Gold™

Beta Factor is a powerful immune booster. Do you get sick often and wonder why? Chances are you may have a weak immune system. Many people battling disease have a compromised immune system. It's like soldiers going to battle, but not all of them are fighting. Beta Factor will activate and boost your body's own immune system. It signals all of your "immune system soldiers" to take up the fight. It also "flags" the bugs being fought, so they can no longer disguise themselves and avoid being attacked. Tests show Beta Factor boosts the immune system better than any other product. Beta Factor contains beta glucans from an extract of baker's yeast and is therefore a food.

Beta Factor™

Vibrant Energy Drink is all about energy... healthy energy. Vibrant is the first healthy energy drink that actually has health benefits. Vibrant balances a proprietary combination of highly-effective, all natural ingredients that work together on the cellular level with your body's metabolism to promote healthy energy levels. The result: a powerful mental and physical boost that you will start to feel in just minutes and will last up to 6 hours. No longer do you need to experience the "crash and burn" associated with other energy drinks. Vibrant contains no artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.


Primo Java™ Finally... Healthy Coffee That Tastes Great Too! In keeping with our tradition of providing only the very best products, we believe we have found the highest quality, best tasting, healthiest coffee available anywhere. Primo Java is made from the finest organic Arabica beans grown at high elevations and carefully selected. In addition, it contains extracts of organic Mangosteen providing a rich supply of beneficial xanthones, plus extracts of four different organic Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma). Approximately 30 servings per pouch. Hot: Use one rounded teaspoon per cup. Add clean hot water and stir. Cold: Place one teaspoon in a glass. Fill half full with cold water. Stir and add ice. Consult a health professional if pregnant or taking medication. Produced in a facility that also processes nuts.

Primo Java™



Live Life Better!

If you are looking for an opportunity like no other, then Basic Reset™ is for you! All of the “hurdles” that have prevented you from achieving success have been removed. The most important question you want answered is whether the company that is behind your opportunity is ethical. Basic Reset™ was founded on ethics and designed for you to benefit first and foremost.
Our Plan is to keep things simple by offering:
* NO startup costs
* Free replicated website
* Life-changing products
* Commissions on referred sales
* Unlimited sign-ups under you, on any level
* NO mandatory auto-ship or purchases to qualify
* Commissions paid on 10 levels according to your rank
* Commissions will be credited to your back office wallet daily
* Commissions not used from your wallet will be paid weekly on Wednesdays

We pay a “whopping” 50% total commissions on the first 3 levels. This is unmatched and unheard of in this industry!

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